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30min: A KDE Software Store

Rethinking Software Distribution


This talk outlines plans and underlying concepts for an modern and integrated software distribution solution

Software distribution is from a technical point of view has traditionally been a strong-suit of Linux systems. Package managers who are able to tap into huge repositories of Free software have, by their very nature of being Free software, a competitive advantage. Liberal licensing makes it easy for users to install and try software packages.
From the user point of view, this choice and its presentation can be a bit overwhelming however. Traditional package managers present huge numbers of packages that don't always make sense to the user.
Moreover, contribution processes to popular Linux distributions are often too labor-intensive to follow for casual contributors, for some groups, such as artists existing review processes can appear outright unsuitable.
The need for a low-barrier system has long been identified, and for a long time, services such as and have served us quite well. Still, solutions like Apple's Appstore or Google Play offer a well-presented way of installing software. They are the baseline we will be measured against, so we have to improve.
The full potential of an integrated solution to software installation has never been realized, however, and this is what we're trying to offer a plan for, outlined in this talk.

The presentation is suitable for a non-technical audience, especially for people interested in the topic of software distribution and involvement of non-developing contributors.


Day: 2016-09-03
Start time: 11:15
Duration: 00:10
Track: Distributing Software and Resources




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