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Schedule for Day 2 - 2016-09-02

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What is the bridge from a non-Qt Model to a QML View layer

A story of bringing open source to a closed source industry




Consuming Qt APIs to build mobile and embedded applications for the Internet of Things

Deep technical discussion for developers using QML (KDE and Qt)

Workshop on where Qt OS X development is going


Migration of Italian Ministry of Defence

Or: Presenting a hybrid test framework for hybrid applications

The Purity Law for Honest and Trustworthy Internet Services


Perf tools for developers targeting Linux

How BMW Car IT is adapting QtCreator as their development IDE of choice

Building a sustainable, impactful and open social business

Strategic use of Free Software at Siemens


Talk and discussion for QtLocation users and developers

Workshop on where Qt Windows development is going

Thiago moderates a session on QtCore


Animations can create magic, So Let's see this Magic in Qt

Free software is now the default choice for the digital transformation

Open Source as a strategic tool

CityBikes, data policies and the big elephant


Taking a deep look into your Qt application

Talk and discussion on QFuture in QtCore

Obstacles for Open Source in SMEs

How to support activists using Free Software


Implementation and use of the Modbus Protocol

Workshop for developers _of_ Qt with an interest in the QtWeb* modules


This talk gives a general overview about integrating libvlc with the Qt framework

The Qt Chief maintainer talks on where Qt is heading in the future

Powering Sales & Marketing with Open Source

The POWER is open. How Open POWER is changing the game

OPOSSO - free subscription management


Measure the degree of your testing

Free And Open Source Software In Europe: Policies And Implementations


Prototype Fund - Support for Your FOSS Project +++ "La maison du logiciel libre" (Free Software House) and the CodeTributhon (A FLOSS contribution marathon) +++ Kate on Windows +++ What's new in KDevelop 5.0? +++ We are in Wayland

QtQuickVcp - Remote UIs for machine tools +++ Presentations in Qml +++ Native QML Location API for Web developers +++ End Users and QML in Rolisteam +++ Large Traces in QML Profiler

OAuth and Qt +++ PostBooks, multi-user accounting/CRM/ERP +++ Synchronizing complex animations in QML +++ Design, dummy! +++ One year of WikiToLearn

Debug application crashes in the field under Windows +++ Protocol Generator +++ key IPTV/OTT STB project +++ QSqlMigrator +++ Packaging Qt software for Linux with AppImage