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Schedule for Day 3 - 2016-09-03

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Qt5.5 + PyQt5.5 complex software integration of a multi-platform application in a mixed environment

Welcome to the VideoLAN Track!

The emergence of governance norms in FLOSS communities

Rethinking Software Distribution

A FOSS Community's Journey toward its Vision and Mission

Everything and a bit more that you should know about Qt Continuous Integration system

Community guidelines as role model for modern diplomacy


Public administrations and FOSS - not always an happy relationship


Workshop for in depth on qmake, cmake, qbs

Qt Contributors Uncnference session


Overview of the current and future development of VLC on all platforms


The Upcoming Evolution Of the Standard Library

Liquid Lobbying - Efficient advocacy for free&open

The KDE Approach to Music Education

Qt Quick advancements in Qt 5.8 and beyond

Free communications with Free Software


Current status and strategy for BSD operating system support for KDE/Qt

Bringing linux desktop applications to the Web


A non-linear video editor


Embedding Mapbox accelerated vector maps in your Qt application

Getting your first patch through

Or how to organize a KDE sprint and keep it alive over the years

What will the future of FFmpeg be?

What will the future of VLC be?

What will the future of libav be?

Unconference slot to be defined on-site


What it's like to serve iOS and Android with Qt alone