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30min: Quo Vadis, KDE?

A FOSS Community's Journey toward its Vision and Mission


This talk offers a behind the scenes view by two members of the team who drove the creation of KDE's Vision and Mission forward, together with the whole community.
Lydia and Thomas will talk about why they think having a vision and mission is important for a Free Software community, and share their experience with overcoming obstacles on the route towards them.
Furthermore, they will give insights into how the vision and mission affects KDE's day-to-day activities and what it means for the future.

At least year's Akademy, KDE started the journey to create a Vision for the whole community to rally behind and find direction.
During the process, we found that creating a Mission Statement to describe how we want to achieve our vision would be equally important, so after we had agreed on our vision, we set out to create a mission statement as well.

This talk offers a behind the scenes view of the process, and details some of the obstacles we were confronted with on our way and how we overcame them.

Lydia and Thomas also offer some insights into how our vision and mission have affected KDE since their creation, how they have facilitated discussions and streamlined decisions.

The talk is relevant for those who are interested in the direction KDE is going, but also for those who think their own community could benefit from the focus and guidance that a Vision and Mission Statement can provide.


Day: 2016-09-03
Start time: 11:15
Duration: 00:10
Track: Community




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