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Speaker: Thomas Pfeiffer


As the person mainly responsible for usability matters within KDE's VDG, Thomas works to keep developers, designers and his fellow usability professionals focused on our common goal: Creating the best experience possible for our users!

Recently, he has taken up an additional focus: Trying to move KDE forward as a community, both in terms of helping us find a direction and in terms of communicating with the outside world.

Thomas Pfeiffer joined the KDE community in 2008 as a participant of the "Season of Usability", creating KDE Human Interface Guidelines and Interaction Patterns, mentored by Celeste Lyn Paul and Ellen Reitmayr.
After the Season of Usability, he provided usability consultancy and interaction design for Amarok and the Calligra Suite.
In summer 2011, Thomas joined the Plasma Active team
as interaction designer and usability / user-centered design consultant.
Thomas is a scientist working in the field of Usable Security at the Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt (CASED), after having worked in the software industry as product developer and manager for user-centered design for 2.5 years.