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60min: Meet Kirigami UI

How KDE's new framework can help to create multi-platform mobile and convergent applications


Kirigami is a framework from KDE for creating convergence-ready mobile- and desktop applications. In this talk, Kirigami's maintainer will tell you a bit about its technical background and about how to get started using it for development, while its principal interaction designer will tell you about its underlying fundamental design goals and principles, and how you can get the best user experience out of Kirigami applications.

Kirigami UI originally started in 2015 as Plasma Mobile Components, a set of QML components created to facilitate building consistent applications and system features for Plasma Mobile. In the beginning of this year, Marco Martin decided that it could be more than that: A general framework for creating mobile and convergent applications across platforms (it's Qt, after all!). Together with KDE's V Design Group, we set out to build Kirigami out into a whole design philosophy, akin to Google's Material Design, with its own set of components to implement it across platforms and device classes.

This talk will
- Give background information about the basic assumptions and design principles behind Kirigami UI
- introduce some of the basic building blocks of a Kirigami application
- Demonstrate Kirigami in action in some released and in-development applications
- Introduce Kirigami's core technical concepts
- Explain how to get started with Kirigami UI development


Day: 2016-09-04
Start time: 10:00
Duration: 00:10
Track: QtQuick




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