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30min: Public administrations and FOSS - not always an happy relationship

Public administrations and FOSS - not always an happy relationship


Legal and policy issues around the use of open source software in public administrations and around the participation of public servants in open source communities

Although a lot of work has been done already, many IT departments in public administrations continue to struggle with these topics. Based on my experience as former head of the team responsible for the implantation of the European Commission's IDBAC programme and my current contacts as OpenForum Academy fellow, I will discuss the following topics:

Public procurement, IT architecture, interoperability and the use of standards
The European public procurement legislation and the use of open source software and the acquisition of open source software related services

The European legislation on standards and the problems this causes for open source developers, software architects and software procurers
The construction of custom software paid for by public funds and the 4 freedoms
Sharing, re-use and co-development of custom software by public administrations; the European Union Public License and its relationship to other open source licenses
How can public servants be active in existing open source communities
How to convince the IT service providers to offer to public administrations solutions based on open source software


Day: 2016-09-03
Start time: 11:45
Duration: 00:30
Track: Free Software policies and politics




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