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30min: 7 years Randa Meetings

Or how to organize a KDE sprint and keep it alive over the years


At the Randa Meetings 2015 we held a BoF about organizing KDE or general developer sprints and the interest was quite huge so let's do this here again. With the experience of organizing 7 Randa Meetings I'd like to invite people to listen to this how to and stand right there to answer questions.

In 2009 everything began. I decided to organize a developer sprint for the community I used a lot of my software from. Thus the 3rd edition of a Plasma sprint (called Tokamak back then) was held at the Chalet (holiday house) of my family in Randa, Switzerland. I could welcome around 20 developers and contributors form Serbia to Brazil working on my favorite desktop workspace.

Back then I was cooking myself for this crowd, showed them area and offered them internet connectivity and electricity to work on code. 7 years later I might need to cook again myself as I'm still searching for a chef but the Meetings grew and we're in a different house in the some village.

40 to 60 people meet year by year in the middle of the Swiss Alps. Undistracted in a beautiful surrounding they can concentrate on coding, discussing and finding solutions for difficult IT problems.

But to make these Meetings real I need to spend one to two months per year for preparations, organization, logistics and financial matters. Over the years my family supported me a lot and I found some locale and less-locale helpers outside of KDE that helped me too.

So should one start that big or how many people does a KDE sprint need to have to be a real sprint? And what should one look out for if you want to organize such a meet-up yourself?


Day: 2016-09-03
Start time: 16:30
Duration: 00:30
Track: Community



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