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30min: Peruse and the Art of Comic Book Distribution

Content Distribution By Example


Learn how to get content into your applications using the distributed Open Collaboration Services community based content distribution API, and see how it has been done in the wild.

Digital content distribution is not a new subject, and has been around in free software since the inception. The large corporations have caught up recently with their app stores, and while there is still arguments to be made that the Linux package managers are powerful, there is a hole in that model where certain things simply don't fit very well. Open Collaboration Services, originally created for the distribution network, provide us with a way of filling that gap.

Many are already aware of the way the desktop environments from KDE give you ways of fetching new wallpapers and theming, but did you know that there are also applications that let you download both new tools and content for you to use? In the Amarok music player, new music services can be downloaded as scripts. In KStars you can fetch new and updated star catalogues. And now, in Peruse, you can download and read comic books.

During this presentation you are introduced to the concepts of social digital content distribution as represented by the Open Collaboration Services, and you are shown how it has been done already, presenting best practices and technological options, depending on the particular needs of your application.


Day: 2016-09-03
Start time: 11:45
Duration: 00:10
Track: Distributing Software and Resources




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