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Speaker: Matija Šuklje


Lawyer, geek, GNU/Linux user since 1997. Long-standing active member of various communities in and around FOSS – including Cyberpipe hackerspace,
Linux User Group of Slovenia, Free Software Foundation Europe, KDE, Internet
Governance Forum Slovenia, etc.

Long years of experience with companies, NGOs and governments on issues related to FOSS and open standards. Spoke on said topics at several venues for the past 15 years, including LinuxCon Europe, FOSDEM, FOSScon Korea, Linux
Business Conference, University of Potsdam, etc. Served as FSFE’s Legal Coordinator from 2011 until 2016 and finished his LL.M. Thesis on the topic of copyright assignments in FOSS communities, specifically the FSFE’s own FLA [Fiduciary License Agreement].