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Speaker: Enrico Miglino


Owner of Balearic Dynamics, a small research company, I design and create hardware and software devices for innovative applications, releasing OSHW and Open Source software products.
Software designer and developer at NXP PLMA (Product Line Mobile Audio) in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

I am currently a Qt and PyQt consultant at NXP PLMA Audio R&D labs in Nijmegen, and I am involved in the development of audio data retrieval and representation on a Qt5 and QML application.
I am also a top member and one of the major contributors of the Element14 Farnell engineers community.

In past, I have acquired a wide software development and architecture design on the Qt platform for hardware and software integration of many different platforms. I developed the Qt / QML framework “Qt-Complex, a Qt open source project awarded with the “Qt Ambassador” by Nokia in 2011.

Among my past projects, I developed large and complex Qt applications on Meego, Symbian, Debian-based Linux distributions, Windows (XP, 7, 8.1, 10).

The most interesting projects were developed for the Australian mobile operator Telstra (Qt over N9), Monocle (multimedia and mapping integrated features on N9 and Symbian devices), desktop custom applications for POS printing for the APS-Printers Bulgarian company and, more recently, the above mentioned large project for NXP PLMA Audio.

I have also participated with some contributions to the group of developers coordinated by Bog Dan Vatra porting Qt over the Android platform, integrating the Qt-Complex framework in this environment.