Version 2.0

60min: Meditech: A Qt-driven OSHW device

Lightweight, transportable device for first-aid, non-invasive medical diagnostics in critical conditions


The Meditech project involves hardware design, non-invasive medical probes interfacing and integration, firmware, software, networking and UI design, in addition to software development for a full interactive and connected first-aid tool-set. The first Meditech prototype won the first prize and was nominated “project of the year” at the end of 2015.

The Qt software of the revised Meditech is the official version of the product: a first pre-production series of devices will be delivered for on-site testing. At the official launch, some ONGs operating in the Third World will cooperate by sending their feedback on the usage of the device in order to fine-tune the final revision.

The current version of Meditech has been redesigned for a compact hardware design, integrating Linux, embedded platforms and specific hardware probes and boards.
A strong effort has been focused on the development side, creating a unified Qt environment that will be the software platform driving the entire system and providing a User Interface as easy-to-use as possible.
The talk will be supported by some videos showing the user interaction at work and a series of slides introducing the development lifecycle phases.

The most interesting benefits of this talk focus illustrating in detph the development strategy adopted to reach a complex integration design centered on the Qt platform.


- Qt integrated environment in the Meditech device: global architecture design

- Qt C++ and QML components for live medical data (ECG, Blood pressure, Temperature monitoring etc.)

- Qt C++ ad-hoc components for GPIO data acquisition in Linux embedded environments

- Qt C++ for networking in embedded Linux devices

- Qt C++ Server and Qt WebEngine components for real time data delivery (images and live-data graphs)

- Qt image acquisition and manipulation from camera

- Qt remote audio-video conferencing system (integrated with Google hangouts)