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30min: Free Software 1+1: Explaining typical misunderstandings


Although Free Software/Open Source Software is becoming the norm in many areas, some misunderstandings still widely exist:
1) Free Software is gratis
2) You cannot earn money with Free Software
3) If you change Free Software, you have to give your changes to everybody else
4) Free Software is different software than Open Source software.
5) Free Software is more/less secure than proprietary software
6) Free Software is the superior development model
7) I do not get any benefits from Free Software if I cannot program.

Unfortunately those misunderstandings are still widely propagated. They often prevent -- or make it harder -- for individuals, companies, governmental and non-governmental organisations to use the full potential of Free Software.

This talk is for you, if you wonder why any of the above statements is wrong, or if you want to get some inspiration how to effectively counter such claims in less than 3 minutes.


Day: 2016-09-03
Start time: 13:45
Duration: 00:30
Track: Community



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