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OAuth and Qt +++ PostBooks, multi-user accounting/CRM/ERP +++ Synchronizing complex animations in QML +++ Design, dummy! +++ One year of WikiToLearn


OAuth and Qt
"Brief introduction to OAuth. Benefits of using it and some examples of services using it.
Presentation of the new QOAuth classes in Qt. The different APIs will be presented and how they work in QnetworkAccessManager.

PostBooks, multi-user accounting/CRM/ERP
Postbooks is a multi-user, multi-entity and multi-currency
accounting, CRM and ERP solution. It uses PostgreSQL as the back-end
and offers both a Qt-based desktop client and Node-based web client as
the front-end. Postbooks empowers businesses big and small to operate
they way they want with the stability and flexibility of a 100% free
software solution.

Synchronizing complex animations in QML
While QML makes it easy to create simple animations it can be rather challenging to create glitch free animations for more complex screen transitions. One convenient solution to that problems are key-frames, which I'll quickly demonstrate during this talk.

Design, dummy!
After a few years talking about design with developers I have collected a few simple rules that anyone can remember, everyone can follow, and all benefit from.

There are many devs who still cling onto a belief that design is complex, demands years and years of studies while entirely missing that they have every single tool to create great design already available.

These simple rules, made for simplicity and memorability more than anything, aims to ensure that all can feel more comfortable making design choices.

One year of WikiToLearn
We would like to give a quick overview of this growing
project to the whole community. we will report the work of the last year and show our plans for the future. One slide per person, five people on stage.

WikiToLearn is a KDE subproject:


Day: 2016-09-02
Start time: 17:30
Duration: 01:00
Track: Misc



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