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Prototype Fund - Support for Your FOSS Project +++ "La maison du logiciel libre" (Free Software House) and the CodeTributhon (A FLOSS contribution marathon) +++ Kate on Windows +++ What's new in KDevelop 5.0? +++ We are in Wayland


Prototype Fund - Support for Your FOSS Project
1.2 Mio for open source projects. The Prototype Fund supports ideas in civic tech, data literacy, data security and software infrastructure. With a grant of up to €30,000, software developers, hackers and creatives are invited to write code and develop open source prototypes over a period of six months. Apply now!

"La maison du logiciel libre" (Free Software House) and the CodeTributhon (A FLOSS contribution marathon)
"La maison du logiciel libre” is an initiative in Montreal to improve student skills by applied learning of the free software practices. Our most popular events are coding workshops with free software developers. In these workshops, we help students submit their first patches to floss projects and offer support during the review process. In this talk, I would like to present our most recent initiative, the codetributhon. Halfway between a marathon and a telethon, the codetributhon aims at collecting 100 student floss upstream contribution during the fall semester of 2016.

Kate on Windows
During the past year a script for creating a standalone Kate Windows installer has been made. The same effort has also resulted in a script for an application-bundle for OSX.

We are going to go through what changes where needed to get Kate running without the usual Linux runtime environment. What was needed to get icons/plugins/spelling/... working and what where the biggest challenges.

What's new in KDevelop 5.0?
It took us over two and a half years to bring out KDevelop 5.0, but here it
is! C++ language support powered by Clang, with additional support for QMake,
QML/JS, streamlined CMake support, debugger enhancements, lots of of stability
and performance fixes, totally fresh-looking design due to the Breeze style,
and way, way more. Check out what's new in KDevelop 5.0 in this talk.

We are in Wayland
The porting is finished, Plasma reached a functional level on Wayland. Of course not every use case of X11 is supported yet. This talk gives an overview about what is done and where more work is needed.

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Day: 2016-09-02
Start time: 17:30
Duration: 01:00
Track: Misc



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