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QtQuickVcp - Remote UIs for machine tools +++ Presentations in Qml +++ Native QML Location API for Web developers +++ End Users and QML in Rolisteam +++ Large Traces in QML Profiler


QtQuickVcp - Remote UIs for machine tools
QtQuickVcp is a set of QtQuick modules for rapidly building remote UIs for machine tools.
In combination with the Machinekit Real-Time Linux machine control software, it allows to build custom machine tool Uis for Windows, OSX, Linux, Android and iOS in hours.
The project is open source and hosted on Github: .

Presentations in Qml
For making presentations there are two commonly chosen solutions: Powerpoint and LaTeX. Both approaches have shortcomings we learned to deal with. Qml to the rescue! There has been effort to make it easy to create stunning presentations in Qml. In my opinion it has the potential to not only make presentations easier to create, but also to unleash new possibilities. I came to this conclusion after I made the presentation of my master thesis with Qml. In my talk I want to share my experience with you, enable you to quickly get started with presentations in Qml and show briefly what is possible by giving examples.

Native QML Location API for Web developers
JavaScript developers are increasingly looking for APIs which allow them to build native apps.  Esri’s QML API allows these developers to use their JavaScript skills to build Location-enabled apps leveraging the capabilities of the device.  This talk highlights the importance of native apps built purely in QML and JavaScript.

End Users and QML in Rolisteam
Technical challenges is all the reason why some people work on open-source or free softwares. At least, this information is true for Rolisteam and its team.
Let me tell you all the challenges we have been faced when we wrote the character sheet system in Rolisteam.
QML has been chosen to carry this feature and the main goal was to let users make their own character sheets.
Is it possible for end user to write QML code ? Yes, with some tools and a good approach.
Now, Rolisteam's users are QML (assisted) developers.

Large Traces in QML Profiler
The QML profiler tracks everything that happens in QML and QtQuick. This leads to an unfortunate correlation between the severity of the problem you're trying to diagnose and the size of the resulting traces. There are some things you can do about this.

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Day: 2016-09-02
Start time: 17:30
Duration: 01:00
Track: Misc



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