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Workshop: Building an IoT Empire

Consuming Qt APIs to build mobile and embedded applications for the Internet of Things


In this quarter day workshop, we'll conduct hands on experimentation using real embedded and IoT relevant hardware. Starting with connectivity, we'll plug and play computing nodes to build our own IoT empire. Once comfortable with the tools at hand, we'll test interoperation with BYOD peripherals (computers and smartphones) running Qt applications that we make by leveraging the Qt Bluetooth and other modules.

IMPORTANT: This workshop is listed at 6 hours. It is in fact two 3 hour parts, where most topics are repeated for new arrivals in the second part.

Topics we cover include:

Inspection of hardware
Bluetooth piconet theory
Network packet analysis
Relevant Qt classes
Qt BTLE hello world app
Telemetry and telecommand
Connection and communication
Bluetooth Smart interoperation

To benefit most from this two hour workshop, please bring a portable computer (any OS) and mobile phone (with a Bluetooth 4.0 stack.) A number of embedded computers, sensors and Bluetooth peripherals will be made available, on loan for the duration of the workshop. Mobile focus will be on Android, but likely portable to other Qt supported platforms.


Day: 2016-09-02
Start time: 11:30
Duration: 08:00
Track: In depth



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