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Speaker: Michiel Leenaars


Michiel Leenaars (1972, Netherlands) is Director of Strategy at NLnet. He is responsible for defining and initating short term and long term policies and managing strategic activities within the NLnet foundation, and acts as its spokesperson to the press and society. He joined the management team of NLnet in 2007. He has a background in Physics at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven and Theory and history of literature/Visual and verbal communication at Tilburg University.

Michiel Leenaars combines his job at NLnet with a job as director of Internet Society Netherlands, one of the more sizable Internet Society chapters in the world. He is also a W3C liason officer for the Benelux Office of the World Wide Web Consortium.

He is a full member of the Netherlands national Education Council. The "Onderwijsraad" is the highest Netherlands governmental advisory body to advise the Minister, Parliament and local authorities on education policy.