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30min: Approaching KF5 on Android


This is an introductory talk about how to make Qt5/KF5 based applications ready to deploy them on Android. The first half of the talk will introduce the essential concepts and tools one has to face when setting up a development environment for Android cross-compilation and for deploying the application on an Android system. In the second half, the focus is on the availability of KF5 libraries and goes into details on what is not possible on Android.

As of today, Android is still the most important platform for mobile applications. Under this light, it is a fascinating idea to make applications that are already available on the desktop systems also available on phones and tablets and by this reaching a drastically increased number of users. Qt did a lot of groundwork in this direction. Yet, the first steps in this area might be a little bumpy, since the Android world simply “feels” very different from what you are used on your Linux system.

This talk aims to give a fast but accurate introduction into the world of SDKs, NDKs, cross-compilation toolchains, and packaging files. At the end of this talk, a developer shall have an understanding on what is to do to set up an Android cross-compiling environment and how to start developing on their own. Once the basics about how to develop and compile for Android are there, the focus of the talk goes to the libraries and technologies that are available via Qt5 and KF5. In particular, I want to discuss why certain libraries that we love from the desktop world are hard to get on Android to give awareness what the pitfalls are then adapting an application for Android.


Day: 2016-09-02
Start time: 16:15
Duration: 00:10
Track: Platforms and Integration




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