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30min: Obstacles for Open Source in SMEs

Obstacles for Open Source in SMEs


Every large enterprise now uses Open Source Software and most have recognized that for maximum benefit and to mitigate risks they need to have a strategy, processes and tools around it. Not so in many small and medium sized enterprises. Here it is sometimes unknown by management if Open Source Software is used at all and many risks are feared - sometimes for good reason. Yet, usage of Open Source Software brings many potentials also to SMEs: Not only does it help to make investments more sustainable and thus increases long-term profitability. It also helps organizations to innovate and enables them to adopt to changes in the market or in technology more easily. So, which are the specific problems which especially medium sized companies have with Open Source Software? How can they use it successfuly? And what can we as the open source community, regulators and vendors of information technology do to make the "German Mittelstand" and SMEs in general more succesful and innovative with Open Source for mutual benefit?

The talk might be interesting for Open Source / Free Software activists wanting to understand which specific challenges SMEs have with Open Source Software. It will primarily be targeted at technical decission makers in these companies as well as business developers and regulators showing them how Open Source Software can help making businesses more competitive and future-proof.


Day: 2016-09-02
Start time: 14:45
Duration: 00:30
Track: Let‘s talk business



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