Version 2.0

60min: The Qt Serialbus Module

Implementation and use of the Modbus Protocol


The new Qt serialbus module covers implementation of interfaces with industrial bus systems. One main component is the Modbus protocol ( The talk covers implementation details and use with Qt/KDE applications.

Since Qt 5.6, the serialbus module is introduced with the goal to provide Qt implementations and interfaces to industrial bus systems. Currently, the CAN bus is implemented as a unified abstraction to CAN drivers for Windows and Linux, as well as the Modbus protocol for communicating with industrial devices such as PLCs (programmable logic controllers) that control industrial machines and production chains as well as almost any industrial device containing a higher level of digital logic such as power meters or variable frequency drives. The Qt implementation covers a server and a client interface to serial (RS485/RS232) and TCP networks and implements the Modbus specifications in a most complete way. The talk covers a general overview of history and use of the protocol, the Qt implementation and usage in Qt/KDE applications. A live demonstration of an example application connected to an industrial standard PLC system shows the practical use. Further, an analysis of other industrial network protocols used widely may give an outlook of the implementation of these protocols in the module in future releases.


Day: 2016-09-02
Start time: 14:45
Duration: 01:00
Track: Automotive, Mobile and Embedded


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