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30min: 10 Years Of KDE India

Story About The Journey


KDE India was born at 2006 BoF with 16 people. Since then it has grown into little community comprising of contributors. KDE India has been regularly organising, annual gathering of KDE contributors in India. This talk will recount the journey of 10 years that KDE India community took from the first ever BoF to where it is at this day.

In this talk, I will talk about the 10 years of KDE India journey. I will quickly tell the audience how the KDE India community was born. This talk will elaborate what kind of issues we faced during the initial days and how we solved it.

This talk will discuss how new friends were made and old friends came to help in the time of need. We will discuss how the KDE e.V. was always watching us from far away and never let KDE India fail. This talk will definitely discuss how the community plugged itself into other events by doing talks, workshops or even mini-conferences at other conferences. This led to the idea of and how that materialised. We will discuss how the community has been doing with its limited resources. This talk will also show case how some entities like Janastu has been helping KDE India since half a decade with our finances. Similarly it will talk about other friends who have helped through out the journey.

This talk will also touch upon the current state of the KDE community in India and what are the possible directions it can go in coming years. We will try and touch the topic of contributor strength and attrition in India. If time permits, would like to take up any other issues or questions from the audience.


Day: 2016-09-02
Start time: 12:00
Duration: 00:30
Track: Community



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