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30min: KDE neon

an easy and elegant way for people to test the latest from KDE


KDE neon is a project to bring the latest from KDE to our users quickly and easily. We will discuss what we have achieved to date, how it can be used by the KDE community and our software users and our plans for the future.

KDE neon is brining a revolution to the way KDE delivers its software on Linux. A KDE project providing KDE software directly to our users cuts the feedback loop and allows us complete control of the experience.

Using the latest buzzword compliant devops techniques with containerised continuous integration and continuous deployment, cloud provisioning and orchestration with an active engagement through social media presence, KDE neon is updating the model of how KDE provides its software.

We will show how KDE neon is used by Plasma developers to test their latest software and their releases. We'll show how people interested in trying KDE's software finally have an answer to the questions of where to get up to date versions.

And you can finally find an answer to the question, KDE neon: terrible idea, or simply a huge mistake?


Day: 2016-09-04
Start time: 13:30
Duration: 00:30
Track: Distributing Software and Resources




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