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60min: The Qt Security Team

Who We are and What We Do


This talk will give an overview of the Qt Security Team. It will discuss the team in general terms then cover some of the activities we undertake. The team works both proactively and reactively to try to protect developers from flaws in Qt. We’ll discuss some of the steps that have been taken to try to prevent problems, and flaws that have managed to slip through. Finally the talk will discuss some steps developers can take to develop secure applications using Qt.

This talk is targeted at developers making use of Qt with an interest in security. The talk should give you an understanding of the steps that are taken to provide a solid base for your applications, how to inform us of any security problems you encounter, and things to be aware of when security your own code.


Day: 2016-09-04
Start time: 14:15
Duration: 00:10
Track: Community




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