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30min: Women in Open Source

Women in Open Source


The Gender Gap is one of the most talked topic since forever, and still a Gap. Where are women in Open Source? Why the gap is so big? Women participation in open technology and culture is very important so we should all pay more attention. This talk will be focused on the large steps we can take to reduce this gap. Also i'll share my experience at our hackerspace in Tirana (Albania) since we have lots of womens there.

My presentation will highlight different aspect of diversity and how fedora is supporting diversity in all terms. It is wonderful to be a women and women should have equal rights to man - be it social, political, economic, or cultural. But, If we look at the percentage of women participation in any field, be it tech or any other field, ratio is damn poor. We, being in the eligible category to guide other women to open source culture, should take steps forward to make this ratio better. I know, taking an initiative in this man dominant area is not easy. But together, we can and we will make the difference. Every tiny little step counts, like educating poor female children, reaching out to college girls to spread knowledge and opportunities about open source, educating them about Ada Initiative, the GNOME Project’s Outreach Program for Women, OpenHatch, Women in Drupal and other similar projects. There are so many nice outreach programs for women in open source, we just need to spread the knowledge and motivate every women out there to join the movement. There are lots of things to do, not just coding and developing, everybody can find other exciting things to do in open source projects i.e. writing, documentation, designing, translation, testing etc. Every established women in open source should feel "obligated" to educate/ help/ motivate at least two other women in her life span to join open source community and make this open source culture more lovable and beautiful and little more feminist.


Day: 2016-09-04
Start time: 11:45
Duration: 00:30
Track: Community




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