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30min: Plussy Display - An FSFE Booth Attractor

Plussy Display - An FSFE Booth Attractor


Plussy Display is a small matrix of RGB-LEDs arranged to resemble the FSFE's "plussy" local group logo and to attract attention to Franken's local group's first booth in Bamberg as well as to regular meetings.

Its main components are a matrix of 20 LEDs and a small
microcontroller board to generate pre-programmed animations. Attatching a BeagleBoneBlack with WLAN stick also allows concurrent web- or app-based color changing, which is especially great for distracting children while advocating free software to their parents. The complete setup has been designed to allow construction, implementation, programming and usage entirely with free software. Since the coverage of design steps (frame lasercutting, PCB layout, microcontroller programming, SBC GNU/Linux programming and configuration, WLAN adapter choice, Web and Android programming) is quite high, it also provides a good survey of free software and free hardware design for DIY electronics.

FSFE Local Group Events, DIY electronics, Free software friendly technologies


Day: 2016-09-04
Start time: 11:15
Duration: 00:30
Track: Let‘s talk software




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