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Speaker: Daniel Bulla


After I studied scientific programming and worked in two small software companies in the telecommunication and pharma sector I continued studying information systems engineering in Aachen and started a scientific career. I'm enthusiastic about visualization, OpenGL and virtual reality. My work as a scientific assistant at FH Aachen consists of developing custom 3D renderers for industry partners and research in the fields of visualization and robotics.

Before I started work at FH Aachen as a scientific assistant in the filed of visualization and robotics I was always passionate about 3D and Userinterfaces. I can look back on an apprenticeship in a small company where I worked on web based software and had insights on scientific work during studying at FH Aachen University. Later I worked in the industry and came in constact with microsoft silverlight. After two years of trying to develop great frontends with it I quit and started to do research in the field of visualization, 3D and frontend development using modern technologies.
Currently I work in two projects, one is an Industry project that consists of writing a custom 3D Renderer for Siemens.
The other project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and aims at exploiting mineral resources of rare earths in a highly-selective, efficient and highly secure way from local deposits as well as detecting new ones.