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30min: The Future of Search: Maybe Not Web Search?

The Future of Search: Maybe Not Web Search?


In the last twenty years there had been many different kinds of search engines and web search is just one of them. The talk will show how information is organized with search engines and emphasize the need for search engines by the people for the people with free software.

Description: It appears that all large services have distributed but centralized architecture. Sometimes these services are called cloud services. Even web search - as i.e. google provides - is a cloud service. There is free software to do web search, but not on a large scale. Most of the real-time information is not any more available in the web, but in special services like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. When we think of search engines of the future we must consider such kind of information sources as well. The talk shows which tools could be used to create search engines to harvest and index such sources to create search engines for the future.


Day: 2016-09-04
Start time: 10:30
Duration: 00:30
Track: Beyond Code



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